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Our customers around the world all benefit from Newrest’s expertise in catering and entrust the management of their restaurants to the company.

Companies and administrations, health centres such as clinics and health institutions, schools, local authorities, defence and security services have entrusted Newrest Catering with the management of their restaurants, cafeterias and dining rooms.

All our kitchens are capable of providing a full range of catering services both on-site and for delivery: meal trays, sandwiches and other ser- vices suitable for all types of guests with a wide variety of profiles.

We are desirous both to meet our requirements as a foodservice provider by offering high-quality balanced dishes, and also to go further by offering tasty food which people enjoy and providing tailor-made solutions which meet the expectations of each customer. In short, to make meals times enjoyable and relaxing, to use fresh produce grown by local farmers and to create home-made dishes which are professionally presented.

We are also convinced that a balanced and varied diet contributes to intellectual success in its own way and helps to improve patient health.

For this reason our highly-qualified staff pay special attention to the needs of guests and create varied menus to cover all dietary requirements.

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Remote site

Newrest Remote site is a leading player in the management of hospitality services for people working in hostile environments such as mining sites and oil platforms.

More recently, our staff have been providing expertise to the armed forces in complex secu- rity scenarios requiring additional controls.

Supporting companies working in extraction industries is in Newrest Remote site’s DNA. It was therefore entirely natural for us to pro- vide them with our expertise when preparing major projects: kitchen and restaurant design, budget studies, support to local staff… All these aspects have been integrated into the support we provide to the engineering teams of our future customers.

However, we do far more than simply cook meals in isolated locations. Both our customers and our guests expect our staff to handle all aspects that contribute to quality of life in their place of residence: the construction and management of camps, hospitality, restaurants, leisure areas and related services.

Even in the most remote locations, our staff make sure that our guests are comforta- ble and that they enjoy similar surroundings and facilities as they would in more familiar environments.

What is a ʻtowing phaseʼ?

At the beginning of a project, a vessel is towed from the place of construction to the place
of operation. This is called the ʻtowing phaseʼ. Our staff provide on-board cooking, laundry and cleaning service during these types of trips, which can last up to two or three months depending on the type of vessel and the distance.
The main challenges associated this type of project are inventory planning, Camp Boss recruitment, and the management of highly changeable logistic schedules.

Catering & Remote site

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Catering Remote site