North Africa & Middle East Division

« The North Africa & Middle East Division region has made further progress in the past 12 months with the opening of central kitchens, new outlets and the signing of new contracts. »

Marc Starké

Vice president North Africa & Middle East division

Casablanca, MAROC

North Africa & Middle East Division

Liberia and Guinea have demonstrated that, even with limited turnover, management persistence can help us hit and even exceed our targets.

Tunisia and Algeria have taken the steps required to reduce activities in the remote site management sector by investing in central kitchens, with the intention of becoming leaders in the meal delivery segment.

All countries operating Retail (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) are facing challenges such as upgrading their service offerings, winning new contracts and overhauling their governance systems in order to secure and grow their turnover.

All countries in the region are keen to develop the Catering business and have drawn inspiration from the growth of this business in France. Lastly, the excellent performance of Qatar in an extremely competitive environment is noteworthy.

710.7 M€

Managed turnover in 2017 • 18

- 3,4 %

Decrease in turnover compared to 2016 • 17


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Total turnover in 2017/18 including Saudia Catering






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