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Knowing how to mobilize talent

« The Newrest Graduate Program offers excellent opportunities abroad for ambitious leaders of the future. »

Hélène Brumaud

Production Manager, Accra, Ghana



Multicultural management, Newrest Group’s know-how

Multicultural team on the FPU Likouf on its way to Congo

Mobilizing human resources for a towing operation requires us to recruit staff both from the platform’s country of departure and destination country. Sometimes up to 5 or 6 nationalities live and work together on the project, with a different management altogether.

The Group must overcome both logistical difficulties (airline tickets) and administrative difficulties (Visas) due to the number of countries from which it recruits its staff. Staff management also involves dealing with the cultural.

differences to create a comfortable working atmosphere. The richness and complexity associated with staff management form part of the Group’s expertise in Remote site activities.


A plan to incorporate the talent of tomorrow

Team working on the Kaombo II FPSO on destination of Angola

The Group is showing strong growth in all its businesses. The opening of new units in new countries requires significant resources in terms of management.

The Group’s culture is both unique and strong, making it capable of providing both agility and capacity to our projects, to our customers and to our partners. As such, we are now looking to recruit young graduates who will be supported in operational and administrative positions by experienced tutors, through a Graduate Program.

This recruitment plan is unprecedented in that we are looking for over 100 young graduates. The majority of them will be assigned operational support roles or operations management.

The best of them will move into short-term positions of responsibility and participate in the Group’s expansion. The tight structure of our management team provides a dynamic career path.


Staff manage-ment to improve performance

Newrest Wagons-Lits attendants welcoming passengers

Since 2013, Newrest Wagons-Lits has been operating in France on the TGV, Intercités and Alleo trains for the SNCF. The subsidiary has 1,500 on-board attendants on approximately 650 trains a day. Staff working in this profession need to be highly autonomous and to work without having contact with their managers.

Our team can be proud in that 2018 saw record levels of on-board sales and record customer satisfaction. It jumped 6 points during the last 9 months to reach 86% satisfaction.

These performance achievements resulted from an analysis of the staff and their roles, which led to the implementation of an internal communications tool similar to a social network. This enabled staff in the field to have a voice and to provide feed- back on the best equipment and practices.

Quizzes and challenges can boost performance and help with training in a process of continuous improvement.