Olivier Sadran / Jonathan Stent-Torriani


An independent & solid group

« Newrest records significant turnover increases each year – mainly organic – which rewards the efforts and expertise of the Group’s employees. Newrest is still the only catering company to work in all sectors of the food service industry. »

94.58% Managers

5.42% Financial investors



A solid group

When a company’s growth is significant, it must have a robust financial structure. The Newrest group’s share capital is mainly held by its management – 94.58% of the capital is held by more than 340 of its managers – the rest of the shares belonging to trusted private investors.

Newrest is the only worldwide Catering company without net debt.

As a result, the company is in control of its strategic choices and continues to favour long-term sustainable growth over short-term profitability.

An agility enabled by a tight structure

At Newrest, all strategic choices and major decisions are made by its 32,000 collaborators (including the 16 members of the executive board and 51 matrix members) who are highly experienced and offer a wealth of versatile, complementary expertise:

Upper management

Olivier Sadran

Co president

Jonathan Stent-Torriani

Co president

Henri Fiszer




Board members

Olivier Suarez

Europe division
Vice president

Toulouse, FRANCE

Board members

Marc Starké

North Africa & Middle East division
Vice president

Casablanca, MOROCCO

Board members

Emmanuel Leprêtre

Southern Africa division
Vice president

Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

Board members

Aurélie Gueguen René

Asia & Pacific division
Vice president


Board members

Olivier Laurac

Americas division
Vice president

Toronto, CANADA

Alexandre Lelièvre

South America
Area manager



Board members

Christophe Bajon

Director IT services

Board members

Pierre Brugère

Senior vice president Sales & marketing

Board members

Marie Chiner

Director Internal audit & major project

Board members

Élodie Deutschmeyer

Human resources director

Board members

Teresa Espada

QHSE director

Board members

Jessica Hayes

Commercial director inflight

Board members

Matthieu Jeandel

Vice president Finances & administration

José Manich Grau

Director TRE3

Board members

Xavier Palaise

General secretary

Giammarco Paronitti

Commercial director Rail

Board members

Emmanuelle Puig

Senior vice president Strategy

Board members

Pascal Regimbaud

Vice president Remote site

Board members

André Rodionoff

Vice president Catering France